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TADA’s Marketing Advocacy is More Effective Than Loyalty Program

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Marketing has always been an important element for a business to actively promote their product and services to the right target audience. This has been a true and tried formula and has remained basically the same for many years, but times have changed along with consumers attitudes and expectations.

Alternative solutions are now required to enable brands to communicate successfully with empowered and digitally oriented consumers and provide a meaningful and rewarding experience. And responding to this challenge was how TADA’s Advocacy Engagement Platform became a reality.

At a recent lunch session held in Jakarta, TADA’s invited several business practitioners primarily from the F&B industry to discuss the changes in consumer habits and explain how Advocacy Engagement can be an effective solution in building more rewarding experiences between brands and their customers, and importantly grow sales.

At the event, Antonius Taufan, CEO, and Founder of TADA explained how “traditional loyalty programs are no longer as effective as they once were. Most modern and informed consumers know that many programs are designed specifically encourage the consumer to spend more, and less on the relationship building side. Consumers today expect far more from a brand if they wish to retain them as a customer. Ignore this and you may not only lose their business, but they are likely to pass on their negative experiences to others as well”.

This is where Advocacy Marketing steps in to create more positive and relevant engagements, and encourage closer relationships based on respect and appreciation. And an appreciated customer is more likely to be a loyal customer.

Rebecca Agiestha, TADA’s Head of Product explained how today’s consumers are more than likely to believe a friends recommendation, or read a review than believe a typical advertising message. “Word-of-mouth marketing today is one of the most effective ways to build and retain your customers as the referrals are genuine and come from a trusted source. Competition today is very high, no more so than in the food and beverages industry. To grow your business you need to be able to cater to the demands of the modern consumer, TADA’s Advocacy Marketing Platform has all the tools and support necessary to help manage and grow your customer base”.

Simply explained Advocacy Marketing is based on word-of-mouth recommendations. Where the appreciated customer will happily refer the brand to friends, family, and colleagues based on their positive experiences, and be rewarded for doing so. This not only generates positive feedback for the outlet but additional business as well. You are able to book through the app as well, one of the many features available.

To grow a business today in an increasingly competitive environment is a challenge, and requires all the advantages a business can acquire. TADA is here not only to provide solutions to this challenge but be a partner along the journey.

This article has been aired on  Tribunnews.com  under the title TADA Marketing Advocacy Assessed More Effectively Than Loyalty Program, http://www.tribunnews.com/bisnis/2018/05/09/advokasi-marketing-tada-dinilai-lebih-efektif-dibanding-loyalty-program.

Editor: Eko Sutriyanto