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Start Advocacy From Your Employee

Marketers always try to find a new channel to communicate products. Referral marketing has become one of the most effective channels to penetrate the market. Referral marketing is direct to your target audience; you can tailor the message and the market to specific segments with extremely relevant information and offers.

In order to create a pool of referral marketers, or what we’d love to call advocate marketer, brands need to build loyalty. Since brand loyalty is not something developed overnight, you need to be careful with your treatment of the potential advocate.

Today we’ll talk and analyze the closest and most valuable candidate for your referral marketing program—your employee.

Why your employee?
Because when your sales grow, your employee will be the one who gets the most benefit. Imagine the massive impact your employee can bring by referring your products to their network.

How can you convert your employee to your brand advocate?
Most employees will think that selling a product should be the sales and marketing department’s responsibility, but a good company can educate them on the value of referral marketing. In this way, you’ll have extra hands to achieve your target.


Here are a few steps for how to include employees in your marketing strategy:

  • Listen to them.
    Develop a culture in which everyone can speak their minds and not be afraid to tell you their thoughts. If you give your employees the ability to communicate well with management, they will be less stressed and happier. So, when it comes to product development, they can tell you what you’re missing.
  • Make them proud.
    As part of self-actualization, people love to share things on social media. Having a cool office or getting special perks at work will make employees proud to tell their friends about the company. Who doesn’t want a nap pod at the office like Google has? But you don’t have to sacrifice a yearly budget for it. Be creative!!
  • Let them sample your product.
    Unless you’re selling weapons, you can simply let employees use your product so that they will understand its value. Spare some of your marketing budget to give free products to your employees. How can your waitress tell anyone that the Luwak coffee you sell is great if she has never had the chance to taste it?
  • Offer incentives.
    It’s only a matter of time before your employees starts bringing you new customers when those employees already love your company and products. When your employees bring you more customers from their networks, reward them.

The fun of converting your employees into advocates is that you can implement more possibilities. Let’s say you need a new hire; you know precisely what your loyal employees will do. They will spread the news.