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Less Plastic, More Engagement

Plastic cards have made a significant contribution to membership and loyalty programs for years. They not only ensure the member gets a benefit any time they do a transaction in store but also make the member feel engaged, with a fully customized design. ATM and membership cards are fully personalized. The only problem with the plastic card is its lifespan and the possibility of its getting lost, stolen or broken.

Nowadays, many brands are beginning to think beyond traditional card-based programmes for their membership and loyalty programs. With the massive expansion of technology, especially smartphones in the early 2000’s, more businesses are starting to convert to digital-based platforms for their marketing.

Data-Driven Loyalty Programs
Of course, brands should focus on understanding the customer’s needs and behavior to create an accurate program. By tracking the transaction and generating a profile based on the customer’s habits, you can save  time by defining a possible tailor-made program for each customer. While back in the day, customers needed to show their card to the cashier, thanks to technology, now they can just provide their phone number to keep track of their benefits, for example.

Offline to Online
Referrals are mostly done in a traditional way utilizing word-of-mouth; the common problem is that when a loyal customer did refer your products to his/her network, it is hard to measure whether it works or not. You can easily give freebies to a couple of customers who buy your products regularly. How about those who just happen to love your product and then tell their relatives about it? Using a platform that can track both purchases and referrals will help you define a strategy to engage more with your loyal customers, more so with your potential advocate marketer.

Information Matters
Aside from companies, information could also benefit the member itself. Keeping your customers informed about any transaction, promo, news, and new programs can actually boost your sales. Yes, information matters.

Join the Mobile Society
In the era of smartphones, you can build an app to do these things for your customer, but it will cost you a fortune. Moreover, the whole integration with your membership programs will give you headaches. Using the TADA platform could be an easier and cheaper way to manage your entire membership program, giving you end-to-end ability to harness the power of affiliate marketing and giving you more spare time to identify a more creative approach to your referral marketing programs.

You can now say goodbye to plastic card production fees and untracked transactions and focus on what really matters: your customers.