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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

The voice of your customer is so much
more powerful than your marketing

About Us

What is TADA

TADA is an Advocacy Engagement Platform (AEP) that helps businesses move from transactions to relationships, from customers to advocates. TADA platform providing a complete analytics suite to track the performance of the campaign and helps to create a powerful ripple effect through a sophisticated approach of advocacy marketing.

Our Mission

To help businesses move from transactions to relationships, from customers to advocates. We believe that businesses need to build better relationships with their key stakeholders (i.e. customers, partners, and employees) to be sustainable and impactful.

Our Vision

To create a truly-global product. Truly global simply means that a bakery in Argentina can use us, an ice cream shop in Malaysia can use us, a multi-national banks in Jakarta can use us, and so on and so on (you get the idea!).

Managing Director
Antonius Taufan

Passionate about building sustainable, high-impact business. Obsessed with books, adrenaline junkie.

Picture by DealStreetAsia
Chin Chao

15 years of exp. in the venture capital & venture debt industries: entrepreneurship, company building, business ops & strategy.

Luke Roush, Picture owned by Sovereign's Capital
Luke Roush

A leader who enjoys working with a bright, highly motivated team to solve problems and create value.

Picture owned by EIP Ventures
Sridhar Chityala

An industry leader in global financial services, marketing, retail distribution, global payments & electronic commerce.

Picture taken from David's Private Collection
David Tjokrorahardjo

A leadership coach, a communicator of ideas, a multi-national entrepreneur, and an investor.

Picture owned by Finch Capital
Hans de Back

Have over 13 years of intl. entrepreneurial exp. across multiple high-tech industries: mobile, advertising, gaming, social media.

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